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What Does Beauty Mean To You?


For me, beauty is not defined by physical characteristics, but by inherent attributes that translate to a visible comfort in one’s own skin.  -Ugo

To me beauty encompasses your passions, confidence, and everything that makes you unique as a person. -Samyra

Beauty to me is the ability to find and focus on the things that you love about yourself...and make that known to the rest of the world - it's understanding that there is beauty in whatever the world has made you believe is a flaw. -Makeda



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What Is One Thing You Would Change About The Beauty Industry?


 I definitely want to see the beauty industry feature more people of color or create products catered to people of color. -Zainab

I want the beauty industry to be representative to all instead of creating the perception of “one type of beauty." -Samyra

One thing to change about the beauty industry is the lack of representation -- diversity is beauty. -Ashri